Our Philosophies and how we work

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell property, Linda Stanton Realty has you covered. We have the industry and academic experience that you need to secure the sale, and buy your next property with confidence!  We will work responsibly and reliably to ensure you an outstanding service, a sound knowledge of the industry and an experienced real estate eye.  Friendly and personable, we aim to put you at ease when making those important property decisions and assist you in achieving the best possible outcomes. 

Our policy for our Environmental future 

Here’s what to expect when you’re out to sell or buy property with Linda Stanton Realty. Linda Stanton Realty’s policy is to behave in an environmentally responsible manner at all times and set an example to others of sound environmental practice. We are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and conforming to our environmental compliance obligations in all of our activities. Our environmental objectives are to minimise energy consumption, use renewable resources whenever possible, minimise waste, encourage recycling and continually improve our environmental performance.

Dedicated Workplace Safety 

Linda Stanton Realty is committed to the safety of its customers, staff and the public. To demonstrate this commitment, we regularly measure our performance against established objectives and targets to achieve a safe workplace and zero work related injury and illness. Whether it is our own office, at a property open for inspection or public space, we assess potential risks and apply controls, within our ability, to minimise the potential for harm. It is our way of looking after our customers, our staff and the public at large. 

Our real estate agent dealing with the clients

A Quality service is Customer Focussed

Linda Stanton Realty is committed to providing a customer focussed professional and ethical service to customers buying, selling or renting real estate. We take the time to understand the needs and expectations of customers, provide honest and realistic feedback and advice and act in the interests of our customers at all times. To ensure the best possible service to our clients, we continually maintain our continuing professional development and ensure that we meet our compliance obligations.

Linda Stanton Realty abides by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland’s “Standards of Business Practice” (REIQ Standards of Business Practice). Our commitment to continually improving our management system will benefit our customers and enable us to achieve ever higher levels of customer and staff satisfaction. Linda Stanton Realty observes the Real Estate Industry of Australia National Principles of Conduct which are available at REIA Principles of Conduct.

Our Privacy Policy 

Collection of personal information
Linda Stanton Realty will only collect personal information that is necessary for it to deliver a high level of professional service. Where possible information will be collected directly from the individual that it is about and only in lawful, fair and transparent ways.

 Linda Stanton Realty will take reasonable steps to ensure that when collecting personal information the individual concerned is aware of:
  • The identity of Linda Stanton Realty.
  • The purpose of collecting the information.
  • The individual's right to access the information.
  • The types of organisations to which Linda Stanton Realty discloses the information.
  • Any law requiring the information to be collected.
  • The consequences for the individual of failing to provide the information.
Linda Stanton Realty will, where practicable, collect personal information directly from individuals and whenever possible, make sure individuals know when you collect information about them from a third party.

Use and disclosure
Linda Stanton Realty will not use or disclose personal information about an individual other than for its original (primary) purpose. The use or disclosure of the information for another purpose (secondary purpose) will not be done unless the person has consented to its use or disclosure for that other purpose.
Data quality
Linda Stanton Realty will take reasonable care to ensure that the personal information it collects, uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up to date.
Data security
Linda Stanton Realty will take reasonable steps to protect any personal information it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. If the information is no longer needed, it will be destroyed or permanently de-identified.
Linda Stanton Realty has documented its policies on the use and management of personal information held. These policies are available on request.
Access and correction
Linda Stanton Realty gives individuals access to their personal information and will correct it if it is wrong and it is reasonable to do so. If access to information is refused, Linda Stanton Realty will provide reasons for such refusal.
Linda Stanton Realty will not use a government identifier as its own identifier.
Sensitive information
As a general rule, Linda Stanton Realty will not collect sensitive information. Where sensitive information is to be collected however, it will only be collected, used and disclosed with the individual's consent or in accordance with the requirements under the Australian National Privacy Principles.
Information in the Public Domain
Information obtained from the internet or other public sources may be used without necessarily being subject to this policy. Where such information is used for decision support, all reasonable steps will be taken, however, to verify its currency and accuracy.

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